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Perfectly protected from attacks

The ultimate security for Cloud Hosting

Do not worry about the security of your website or application. Combell offers you the finest security on the market where you can work uninterrupted.

Do not let your app go offline because of a DDoS attack, hack your databases by outsiders ... We are constantly investing to keep one step ahead of hackers.

  • Continuous investment in security
  • Resistant to DDOS attacks
  • Ultimate firewalls keep out hackers and spammers
  • Always online with our SLA guarantees
  • Certified with ISO certificates
ISO 9001   ISO 9001
ISO 27001   ISO 27001

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The ultimate firewalls

Keep every intruder outside

Our firewalls help us really make a difference. By default, we provide you with a shared firewall, which is more efficient than the paying versions provided by our direct competitors.

  • Dedicated firewalls
  • Multi-firewall setup
  • Back-end firewall
  • Intrusion prevention and detection with IDS/IPS

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Secure connections


In order to make sure that hackers cannot access your sensitive corporate information (such as personal information), we encrypt all the data.

For this, we use SSL encryption and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) so that these data can only be read on your server.

Resistant to DDOS attacks


Because of our huge network, we are able to withstand DDoS attacks. Other hosting providers often have a much smaller network, which makes it slow like a busy highway in the morning. The result - your website slows down and can even go offline.

But our network is capable of sustaining the traffic of a DDoS attack. Compare it to a highway that suddenly expands in 100 lanes.
And once we notice the attack, we also react to block all that ‘dirty’ traffic. It keeps your website working smoothly!

NAWAS - optional

We do an extra check, and we filter for good visitors who were wrongly blocked. They get to your website or application without any problems.

AKAMAI - optional

An even greater control of blocked traffic to make sure no one is banned improperly. Only possible in combination with a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

A recent backup is always available

For the worst-case scenario

  • Daily full backup (snapshot) of your hosting environment
  • Stored in an external storage location in another data centre
  • We retain everything during 30 days
  • Recovery is possible down to file level
  • Always a full backup you can use immediately in case of emergency (disaster recovery)

More about backups

Secure data centre

The physical protection of your hosting

We monitor your application both online and physically. Barbed wire, security cameras and on-site security staff protect the access to our data centre – day and night.

No one can enter the premises without prior registration. Moreover, the infrastructure on which the application is hosted is kept in a private cage, of which the access is, once again, strictly regulated.

More about our data centres
ISO 9001   ISO 9001
ISO 27001   ISO 27001

ISO certified by external auditors

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Our ISO certificates guarantee you a secure hosting environment, comparable to what banks offer to their customers.

These ISO certificates have been issued after a very strict audit of Security Management processes, conducted by external auditors.
Since 2011, we have been the first Belgian hosting provider to hold an ISO 27001 certificate.

More reasons for choosing Combell

Choose a custom hosting solution

Dedicated support

An expert support team is available every day to help you.
They continue where others stop - they even check your code!

Excellent performance

Our hosting solutions are created to perform under all circumstances.

To achieve that we only use premium technology and the best data centers!

Guaranteed online

Your website or application is always online, we guarantee it.

If you still come across trouble, we take proactive measures for resolution thanks to our 24/7 monitoring.

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